The third and final debate has happened. It is all over and left up to the American people from here on out. Be honest, how scared are you on a scale of  1-10?

Someone people seem strangely confused that people are still undecided. I know who I’m voting for, but that’s only because the other option is absolutely unthinkable. 

This final debate was better than the previous two. Although Trump couldn’t get a grip on answering questions without attacking Hillary and asking the moderate “why does she get to and I don’t” yea, it was still that childish at times.

With all that set aside the important thing is for everyone to seriously sit down and figure this thing out. With less than 20 days away we have to make one of the biggest decisions of 2016. Who will run our country for the next four years? You only have so much time to decide. If you’re still undecided this clock will be running until November 8th.