Politics and fashion have always gone together. It was heightened even more after the first televised presidential debate with Kennedy and Nixon. Ever since then everyone has been obsessed to see what politicians and the their families are wearing. 

While in office the attire of our President and the First Lady is extremely important 

When you look at other countries such England you’ll see the same thing. Their Prince and Princess should, and do wear garments that’s appropriate for royalty. 

Even the stroller looks amazing.

And if we go back even further in politics, fashion played an even bigger role in the 17th century until the 19th century. There was a sort of uniform to what every president had to wear while serving their term. The men pictured are Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams. All of which wore wigs while in office. The only president that didn’t during this time was George Washington. He powedered, curled, and tied his own natural hair into a que. 

This look was highly appropriate and manditory back then. Dressing any other way was seen as unacceptable.

Today’s presidents wouldn’t be caught dead in a powered wig and robe. Now they wear exceptionally made tailored suits and the first lady’s wow us with their class and beauty. We pay close attention to what the leaders of our country are wearing. 

Why? Because it’s extremely important. Would you want someone representing your country wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt?