President Trump’s inauguration happened almost two weeks ago. There were s number of African American artist that were asked to performed. The majority of these artist declined and decided to not perform. Certain musicians, such as Jennifer Holiday said yes. She later changed her mind after noticing that it upset her fans. 

Singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele said yes, and stuck to her guns. She performed a gospel song at the inaugural ball on the night of the inauguration. She received some pretty strong backlash from the African American community. 

Prominent figures such as Spike Lee were not happy at all. Spike Lee was going to use a song called “Black Girl Magic” which is sung by Chrisette Michele for a Netflix series he’s about to release. He decided to cut the song from his series after her performance. 

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin invited Chrisette Michele on the set of her show. She offered Chrisette the chance to tell her side of things. 

“I just wanted them to see us, see what we look like, who we are, and what we’ve got to say”

Says the singer. It was also mentioned, that Quest Love tweeted he would have paid Chrisette to not perform. When asked about that she said she would have paid him to perform. 

Watch the interview here