During yesterday’s White House press briefing the White House Press Secretary gave more reason to believe that he may not be too trustworthy. A reporter began to ask a question about the “travel ban” which is a 90 day “vetting process” to keep dangerous people from seven specific countries out of the U.S. 

When the reporter used the phrase “travel ban” Sean Spicer cut him off immediately to correct him and say that it’s not a travel ban. It’s a series of “vetting processes” for seven specific countries that were already listed by the Obama administration. He also threw in that if it was a ban, then people wouldn’t be let in. 

Another reporter brought up the fact that President Trump just called it a ban the day before.

When the tweet was read the following questions revolved around the confusion of the White House staff. Sean Spicer called a NBC reporter and the network apart of the confusion. The journalistic crowd at the press briefing definitely stuck together on this one.

Another reporter stated the fact that even Sean called the “travel ban” an actual ban while describing it. Spicer responded 

“Hold on, hold on. It can’t be a ban if you’re letting a million people in. If 325,000 people from another country can’t even—that is by nature not a ban.”

He then quickly moved on to other questions before ending the press conference. 

Soooooo is it a ban? Or is it not? Is the question at hand.