The President is still clearly working on his tact and presidential behaviors. Please forgive him if it takes a while. Petty is a hard habit to shake. I’m assuming thats why it was hard for him to not take shots at Arnold Schwarzenegger during a pray breakfast. 

During his speech, President Trump, decided to relfect on the ratings of The Apprentice. The popular T.V. Show he had to quit in order to run for president. The ratings have gone down since he left, so he decided to throw a little shade Arnold’s way.    

“I want to pray for Arnold” 

Is what he told the crowd. Arnold responded back to the President within minutes. He shot a video from his phone saying “Why don’t we switch jobs?” since Trump is good at ratings he can be President and people can finally sleep at night. 

Wow! And there you have it. You don’t come for The Schwarzenegger unless he sends for you.

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