Iran has recently shot off a misske during a missle test. This is consider a nuclear weapon, so President Trump spoke out in regards to the matter. He gave a Iran a prompt to stop doing any further missle test. 

 Trumps National Security Advisor Micheal Flynn also spoke out.  He called the missle test a “provocative” breach of the UN Security Council. 

The Iranian government released this statement today. 

 ” Extremist Trump should not make a toy out of himself” 

As a result the White House released this statement.

“As of today we are officially putting Iran on notice”

What exactly does on notice mean? Well this question was asked during today’s White House press briefing. The answer for now is this.

“We are considering a whole range of options. We’re in a deliberate process”

President Trump also says that military action against Iran is not off the table. 

More updates as this story continues…..