I’m going to start off by saying that this is half facts and half an opinionated piece. Kellyanne  Conway did in fact say that two Iraqi refugees were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green “Massacre” earlier today. This was her argument to defend the travel ban.

Then she had the nerve to say people didn’t know about it because it didn’t get covered. No. People didn’t know about it because it never happened. Now she’s trying to cover it up by saying she meant to say terrorist instead of massacre. Replacing the word ‘massacre’ with ‘terrorist’ doesn’t really make much sense in her case. This makes it hard for her “correction” to be taken seriously. 

Here we go again with the alternative facts. The Trump administration are always the first ones to say something is fake news. At the same time they’ve delivered alternative facts a number of times within a two week time frame. Being honest is the most important part of my job, so I have to say this. I don’t believe that she made a “mistake” with her word choice. I truly believe that she meant to say what she said the first time around. 

Kellyanne wanted to make a point so bad that she made up an incident that never happened. No one died and no one was hurt. This is something that most people have grown accustomed to unfortunately. The act of being right so bad that they will say something “wrong” or untrue to prove a point. 

This kind of behavior can not be tolerated going forward. 

What are your thoughts? Should Kellyanne be forgiven? Or should she have to deal with repercussions for being so inaccurate these past two weeks?