Congresswoman Maxine Waters has openly stated that President Trump is “busy impeaching himself” meaning that his current actions will be grounds for impeachment. White House democrats are calling her words “extreme rhetoric” because impeachment is a strong a statement.

When asked about her words during a CNN interview, she said she doesn’t believe that she’s being extreme. Rep. Waters also said that Betsy Devos was a poor choice for the education vote. She said it’s because Devos had never stepped foot into a school. She only understands the private schooling systems, and wants to do away with public schools. 

The congresswoman went on to say that Steve Mnuchin is the king of foreclosures, and Jeff Sessions is a throwback. She was refrenceing the fact that he was denied confirmation of a position back in 1986. This decision was made due to racist remarks he’s made. 

During her interview she was asked is this all enough to be impeached? Because when you use that word, it should be loosely. Congresswoman Waters mentioned that investigations on the president have already started. She went on to say that, because he’s questionable, some of what he’s doing will lead him to impeachment.