The Senate is only minutes away from voting yay, or nay on secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. There are two republicans, who agree with the democrats on this decision. Those voting against DeVos strongly believes that she’s not qualified for this position. 

During her nomination process with the senate, it seemed as if she didn’t know much, or anything at all about public schools. Many republicans will argue and this isn’t true, and many democrats will argue against that. It seems as if the democrats are getting through to someone, because they have two senate republicans that agree. If they can encourage one more to see where they’re coming from then Betsy DeVos will not be sworn in.

This senate democrats decided to hold a speaking protest to influence another republican. The protest has been ongoing for the past 24 hours. Senators such as, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren have given speeches about the importance of this position. This is all in hopes that they can get that final vote.

Right now if they were to vote it would be tied, which means Vice President Pence would have to step in. His overall vote would break this tie. If he has to do this it will be the first time ever in history. He arrived to the senate house just moments ago. He may, or may not have to vote, but Betsy DeVos may also get this position.

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