Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ came up with a rather catchy name for stocks in Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. The “Fang Gang”, or FANG is an actual term now in the world of finance. These four companies have made themselves house hold names. There were all the top selling companies at one point in time, which led Cramer to give them their nickname back on 2015.

But how is FANG doing today? Is this gang of companies still on top in the stock market? Netflix hit an all time high last month. With no surprise given the price of cable bills. That expensive on top of WiFi can get pretty expensive. No ones giving up WiFi, so cable is being kicked to the curb in most households. 

Facebook continues to see endless buyers. This is most likely due to the multiple ways Facebook seeks revenue. You can now pay to boost post, so that they can gain a bigger reach. This tool is amazing for small businesses. Google has some stock bets right now that has a very good chance in producing revenue. When it comes to Amazon, well they’ll always do well even when they hit some lows. Amazon always comes back up. Looks like the FANG gang is still the way to go.