Last nights Grammys award show had a lot of beautiful moments. Q Tip and the rest of the Tribe Called Quest gave a phenomenal performance with Busta Rhymes and Anderson Paak. Bruno Mars and The Time gave the most perfect tribute to Prince that I’ve ever seen. Then, of course, mama Bey gave the most moving performance of the night. 

The most emotional moment though, was when Adele said she couldn’t accept the Album of The Year Award. She said winning it made her feel like she had found herself again. But, Adele stood proudly, filled with tears, and told everyone that Beyoncé is the artist of her life and that she deserves the award. 

She then told Beyoncé directly that she couldn’t accept the Grammy, because her music, and lemonade specifically changed her life. Adele also said that Beyonce’s music makes her feel something, makes her black friends feel empowered, and that she is her light. She also thanked Beyoncé for sharing a new side of herself in Lemonade that we’ve never seen before. Beyoncé of course cried, because who could resist that? 

Adele’s words were so beautiful, heartfelt, and meaningful. Even Jay Z was moved by the whole thing. I’m sure that moment meant more to Beyoncé than winning any award in the world.