Last Friday Buffalo Wild Wings hit a new high, and it’s been going strong for the past four days. The restaurant went up to a high of 162 points. This is just one day later after announcing 60 locations would be sold. Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain restaurant known best for wings, (of course) beer, and watching sports. They’ve become pretty popular over the years. People usually come to Buffalo Wild Wings because the service runs on a fast food model. 

The service is set up, so that you can place your own orders after being seated. You wait for your food, which usually doesn’t take a long time, and you go sit down. Beer and cocktails are brought to your table by a server, and there’s always a sports game on. 

Even with all of that said, Buffalo Wild Wings hasn’t been this high ever. They’ve consistently Just recently four new candidates were nominated to the board committee. Could this be the reason for the consistent raise? 

Just a few days before the spike Buffalo Wild Wings announced a refranchising plan. The goal was to sell 60 locations in order to improve their margins. The locations that were sold were in markets that didn’t have a lot of Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants. 

Seems like that was a smart plan. It’s been said that one of the new chairmen is from Yum! Brands.  Marcato’s McGuire, Capital Founder Mick McGuire says.

“Three new directors were brought on in October that have no restaurant experience”

McGuire did also mention that they are executives. They have just never worked in the restaurant business. McGuire also confirmed that one of the directors did have a job at Yum! Brands a few years ago. He says hopefully that will (or has been) doing some good.

A statement was released by Buffalo Wild Wings for their 2017 goals. They plan to add “35 new stores” among other money making strategies to raise their shares in stocks.